Wouldn’t want to forget to pass these along!

Profile in the Austin Daily Herald, with some of my thoughts on P.G. Wodehouse, too.

Interview on South Dakota Public Radio.

Named one of the Wall Street Journal’s Top 10 Fiction Books of 2015.

Named One of 2015’s Best Books by Minnesotans, by the Pioneer Press.

From Publishers Weekly.

In the MinnPost.

From the Wall Street Journal.

A Strib profile.

A Strib review.


And about our darling, enduring Stillwater Valley Bookseller.

3 thoughts on “Press

  1. I love Faith’s realistic, honest writing. It is sweetly poignant and at the same time can be
    humorous! She describes the details of heartbreaking everyday life with such candor.
    And her female characters are so relatable. We all know people like this! When is her next work? Soon, I hope!

    1. I am a retired school librarian. I love books and usually read mysteries. I read the cover of Mr. Wodehouse at the library and had to take it home. I just finished reading it and was blown away. As a woman “of a certain age”, I echo the comments above as perfectly describing Faith’s writing in Goodnight, Mr. Wodehouse. I see my independent grandmother and mother in Nell. I have been recommending this book to all the groups I attend because it speaks so directly to our experiences as women who have lived most of our lives in the 20th century. I am heading back to the library today for more Faith Sullivan!

  2. I need more of Faith Sullivan. After reading Goonnight Mr. W and The Cape Ann, hope to see more of her treasures on NOOK. I am bereft without another in the queue.

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