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I will be teaching July 12-16 at the fabulous Madeline Island School of the Arts, off the Wisconsin shore of Lake Superior (transportation back and forth by ferry). My week-long workshop is called, “Where The Action Is: Gripping Characters Create Gripping Action.” I love teaching this material, and especially in the Madeline Island setting. If you’ve been there you know how wonderful it is. If you haven’t, you’ve got a real treat in store.

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  1. As a long time reader of your work, I was really looking forward to your class. I was genuinely excited – shared the news with family, friends, writing group, etc. Spent $$$ on a plane ticket, rental car, lodging, etc. Took a week off from work. Flew for hours to Minnesota and then started driving to Wisconsin. Then I get a call on my cell that the class is canceled. Got this call on Fri and the class was scheduled to start on Mon. What reason was I given by the school for this baffling late cancelation….”Faith prefers a minimum of five students and only four have registered.” If that is indeed accurate, it’s certainly not in keeping with someone that “loves teaching the material.” It is more consistent with a person wasting both my time and money. Not something I need in a down economy. Consider me one less reader of your novels. It’s what Lark would do.

    1. You have been much on my mind. Your anger was absolutely justified. Your expenditure of time and money was great, and for that you received nothing. But I need to explain a couple of points, if you will permit.

      1. I had no list of names and addresses of those who might have signed up for my workshop, so I could not warn them that it was going to be canceled. That was up to those administering the program.

      2. I thought that I had made it clear to them that a workshop consisting of fewer than five participants was to no one’s advantage, since workshops, to be most helpful to those attending, require (in my opinion) six or more participants. In a different sort of teaching situation that would not be the case.

      I realize that the above in no way undoes the harm you have suffered. But since your story has plagued my conscience, I did want to clear this up.


      Faith Sullivan.

  2. I love the characters you have created in your books and the idea of a workshop sounds fabulous ! Hopefully in the future the workshop will happen.
    Do you have any plans to give your readers the gift of another book?

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