Repent, Lanny Merkel on Kindle!

Hey, all! My very first novel (1981), Repent, Lanny Merkel, is now on Kindle!

Amazon’s description:

Happily married, with three adorable children, Laura Pomfret receives an invitation to her 25-year high school reunion in Rye, Minnesota. She has attended none of the previous reunions. For good reasons. All of them connected with Lanny Merkel, about whom it is said, “No one should have thighs like those.”

After sleepless nights of soul-searching, Laura decides that she is now grown-up enough to ignore the thighs, enjoy the reunion and get on with her midlife crisis. But what about the fourteen “REPENT” signs ringing Laura’s home town? Has the town forgotten how she painted Lanny’s name on all fourteen, graduation night?

No longer just for the serious collector! And I’m told it’s still funny!